Newbuild & Construction Support

Dedicated team with more than 25 years of newbuilding experience – every step from pre-contract negotiations and specifications design to site supervision and vessel commissioning.

Shipyard evaluation and selection

Review of technical specifications

Shipbuilding contract and equipment review

Construction and engineering supervision

Commissioning and trials

Warranty & delivery

Vessel Upgrades

Getting the most out the life of your vessel requires continuous upgrades. Whether to bring vessels into compliance with new regulations, improve efficiency or help reduce operating costs, we will partner with you to ensure you are maximizing the full potential of your asset:

Installation of Deck Heaters

Installation of tank cleaning heaters to improve tank cleaning on chemical tankers

Modification of mooring systems

Propeller modification / optimization

Installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Installation of drinking water purification systems

Installation of video cameras for up-to-the-minute monitoring

Hull management & fuel efficiency (Biofuel testing)

Surveys & Audits

Through our ship management offices in Singapore, India, US, and Greece, we offer inspections & surveys to suit Owners’ requirements:

Pre-purchase Inspection

Vessel Condition Analytics

On/Off-hire Surveys

Navigation Audits

Quality ISO Audit

Maritime ISM/ISPS/MLC Audit

Cargo & Mooring Audits