Crew Management

At MTM Ship Management we believe that the highest operational performance as well as high retention rates and loyalty among our crew can only be achieved by

Having access to a large pool of skilled and motivated people both on board and ashore
Taking care of our crew and the welfare of their families

In order to provide highly qualified and competent seafarers, MTM Ship Management maintains its own manning & training offices in Yangon, Myanmar, Mumbai & Delhi, India and Manila, Philippines and has a long-standing relationship with a manning office in Latvia for East European Officers.

Crew Nationalities
Sr. Officer’s Retention Rate

Crew Management


4 International Crewing offices with full crew management capabilities

Crew Wages

Benchmarking, Budget preparation, monitoring & variance reporting

Crew Changes

Scheduling, Rotation, Logistics, Travel arrangements/documents

Crew Certificates & CBA Agreements

Crew certificates, Flag state certificates, Medical certificates, Negotiations and enrollment with unions and ITF

Crew Evaluations & Development

Regular monitoring, open & fair appraisals, recognition/awards for best practices & long service, career development in technical & soft skills

Crew Welfare

Social welfare schemes for seafarers and their families. Since 2010, MTM Group has been supporting the tuition for the children of our crew at the International Language & Business Centre in Myanmar

Crew Training

We recognize that our seafarers play a vital role in operating our owned and managed fleet and with that are a key influence factor in the success of our company. In order for our seafarers to realize their true potential and to perform at consistently high level, MTM Ship Management ensures the continued education and development of their people.

Simulator Training

State-of-the-Art and inhouse dedicated, Bridge, Engine and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

Regular in-house Training

Specialized tailor-made training carried out in regular intervals

Onboard Training

Regular vessel trainer visits, on-Board training and sailing audits


Major conferences arranged in Myanmar, Philippines, India & Latvia

Crew Portal

Online Web-based platform to allow access to company’s training requirements while on leave

Maritime Catering

Home away from home

High standards of health & hygiene

Catering staff trained for dietary requirements of crew nationality onboard

Worldwide contracts with suppliers to ensure continuous supply of good quality provisions

Travel & Logistics

MTM has a dedicated in-house Travel Desk which caters to the flight requirements of all our employees at sea & ashore.

During 2018 and 2022 alone, we accomplished travel arrangements for 20,000 crew members across all continents and a total airfare budget of almost $4m per annum

Being able to control the booking and logistics process from start to finish allows us to choose hassle-free routes for our staff, while controlling the costs for the owners through special arrangements