Protection of the environment is at the forefront of everything we do and how we do our job on a daily basis. Stated aim within the organization is to constantly find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and the production of waste

Reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emission

Through computer optimized voyage, weather planning, continuous hull enhancements and the installation of more efficient propeller on our vessels

No scrubber installations on ships

IMO 2020 – compliant fuel only Zero Sulphur Residues – no toxic sulfur sediments to be discharge overboard or ashore

Water purification systems

Installation and maintenance of water purification systems on board our fleet is saving the equivalent of c. 600,000 plastic bottles per annum

Zero incidents

We manage our business with the goal of zero serious incidents, zero oil spills, zero fatalities & zero cargo through appropriate operating practices and regular training and development for all employees

On the way…
to decarbonizing shipping

In December 2021 MTM successfully completed the first trial of Bio Fuel blend on one MR Tanker on a voyage from from The Netherlands to Brazil using a Biofuel blend (B30 Bio VLSFO) on its journey towards decarbonization. The green fuel voyage was undertaken in collaboration with fuel supplier Trafigura, Lloyds as consultants, MAN/B&W as engine makers, DNV as vessel’s class and MPA as Singapore flag state administration. The project was managed by MTM’s vessel performance team based in Singapore headed by the Technical Director, Mr. Prashant Lokhande.

Trials were carried out at various load points using specialized equipment to constantly assess the performance and to record emission levels of the main engine, auxiliary engine, and boiler. No abnormalities were observed at any step of the process, with all machinery operating smoothly throughout the voyage.

The Biofuel blend voyage resulted in a Well to Wake reduction in emissions of 31.5% for the main engine and 23.1% for the auxiliary engine, as compared to using only very low sulphur fuel oil.

With the successful trial, MTM has demonstrated that the use of Biofuels is a practical and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and leads to significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions during the operation of its vessels. MTM aims to expand the use of sustainable Biofuels, together with other technologies, in order to further optimize the company’s Green Strategy.

Capt. Rajiv Singhal, Managing Director of MTM Ship Management, adds “MTM’s mission has always been not only to operate ships at the highest safety standards, but to go beyond regulatory requirements, and always find ways to reduce the environmental footprint of the company’s maritime activities. The ultimate goal being a future with zero GHG emission.”

Social Responsibility

At MTM we are dedicated to the true welfare of all our employee and their families. By providing fair and equal opportunities to all members we create a working environment that motivates and engages employees in a caring and promoting organization, helping them reach their full potential.

Shore based job opportunities provided to officers in the fleet

Education allowance to children of shore staff

Sponsoring high quality health insurance plans for all employees and their families

Since 2010, MTM has been sponsoring high quality private education for the children of our seafarers at the International Language & Business Centre in Myanmar. We cover the full cost of tuition, textbooks and transportation. Over 2,000 students have graduated from the program.

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